A mum suspected of murdering five of her children left her eldest son on a train before trying to murder herself.

However, it was reported that the 27-year-old woman identified as Christiane K in German media, is suspected of killing five of her six children in Solingen.

The children are three girls aged believed to be one and a half, two and three years old, and two boys – Luca, eight, and Timo, six respectively.

Police believe that they were killed with some kind of pills.

Afterward, their corpses were found in the family’s flat in Solingen by police.

A forensic and police officers in front of an apartment building in Solingen


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3 thoughts on “11-year-old boy survives horror attack as mum allegedly kills her 5 other children but leaves him on train

  1. Jerry Joseph says:

    That woman is evil… No matter what, at least she can drop the children of with social services if the burden is much on her…

    1. abuhbaiyeoma says:

      Maybe she’s suffering from mental disorder, because I can’t find any reason that will make a beloved mother murdered her six kids.

  2. Jacob Nyiyongo says:

    what could be the reason for this devilish act?

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