Two giant snakes crashes into a man’s kitchen table through ceiling while fighting

Two large carpet snakes reportedly crashed through the kitchen ceiling off David Tait before slithering away. He is now concerned that there is a third reptile somewhere in his Brisbane home.

The snakes slithered out of the kitchen into the living room and bedroom

However, the snakes prowled out of the kitchen into the living room.

Thereafter, the man’s peaceful home was broken down when two large snakes broke through his kitchen ceiling.

David Tait was surprised when the carpet snakes tumbled on to the kitchen floor of his Brisbane home.

Measuring 2.8m and 2.5m long and weighing 22kg between, the sizeable reptiles then slithered to the bedroom and living room.

Pictures of the aftermath show several ceiling tiles were destroyed in the plummet.

Steve Brown, of Brisbane North Snake Catchers, said the animals were “some of the biggest and fattest” he’d ever seen. 

Steve Brown releasing the snakes after rescuing them
Steve Brown releasing the snakes


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