A Nigerian lady by name Esume Ngozi has urged parents to always seek better approaches in handling their children problems.

She used her past experience as a case study, Ngozi narrated how she usually urinates on the bed while growing up.

Ngozi said, her mother usually whipped her anytime she urinate. Slapping her severally for bedwetting.

She disclosed that her father was always her only Saviour during those days. He always supported her and tried to stop her mother from beating her.

But, when the matter got out of control, her mother took her to a hospital for a test, only to find out that she has a “short bladder”.

The doctor prescribed some measures to be adopted so the issue can be controlled. She said she was stopped from eating or drinking water once it is 6.pm.

Ever since then, the journey changed for good. She urged parents to stop beating their children thinking that everything that happens to them is their fault.

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