The brave father, in his 30s, was confronted by the foe who endangered to harm his baby daughter while she sat in her pram in Bournville, Birmingham

Man slashed across back protecting 22-month-old daughter from masked robber

Police are appealing for witnesses to try and find the attacker (file photo)

However, a brave dad was sliced across the back by a knife-wielding robber as he attempted to protect his baby girl while she sat in her pram.null

Thereafter, the defensive father, aged in his 30s, was confronted by the masked attacker in the street and stood over his pram to shield his 22-month-old daughter.

He was then sliced across the back with a blade during the horrifying incident which took place on a residential street in Bournville, Birmingham, on Monday.

Afterward, the thug fled the scene empty-handed and a knife was later discovered in the area by police.


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