Red-faced Tesco has pulled a ‘sexualised’ toy doll from their shelves after a revolted dad was left steaming at its inappropriate lacy underwear with suspenders.

However, the supermarket grotesque apologised and vowed to remove the product from its stores immediately.

But thereafter, furious Adam Weaver from Barry, Wales, bought a Na Na Surprise Doll for his daughter Savannah, seven, on Saturday.

After they unwrapped the toy they found it dressed in ‘provocative’ underwear.

Furthermore, the 35-year-old shared photos on social media showing the comparison between the £23 doll advertised on the box and the “disturbing” toy inside.


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2 thoughts on “Tesco ditches doll after dad slams supermarket for selling ‘sexualised’ toys

  1. Jacob Nyiyongo says:

    The dad in question self get issue, this one na business na. Anything can be sold

    1. abuhbaiyeoma says:

      Some men are so mean

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