Man dragged from a tent and battered to death by a polar bear

The camper battered to death by a polar bear on a remote Norwegian island was reportedly dragged from his tent while asleep.

Dutch national Johan Jacobus Kootte, 38, was murdered as he camped at Longyearbyen, on the Svalbard archipelago where had been employed as a seasonal worker.

However, it was reported that the bear dragged him from his tent while asleep at around 4 am in the horrific attack last Friday.

It’s believed he was still alive when rescuers attempted to save him, but later succumbed to his grisly injuries.

A devastating picture of his green tent following the attack shows it rumple and torn open to the elements, with items strewn about the stony terrain.

Similarly, a sleeping mat has been pulled yards from the tent, and traces of blood spatter were photographed close to the scene, where what seems to be small rock cairns or campfires are encircled by tents.


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