These 2 videos are circulating, showing 2 very different interactions between civilians and cops, and it’s pretty eye-opening.

Similarly, another footage shows a white guy in the pickup truck screaming at a cop in Washington state who has a gun pointed at him. The driver is angry and uncooperative, heaving obscenities, jumping out of the truck and even threatening to kill the cop … all as the officer patiently listens. It never escalates into physical contact.

Comparing that with the second video, where a black man is stopped by Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies. His hands are up in the air … he is clearly surrendering peacefully, yet one of the cops kicks the guy in the back and then the other cop joins in, hitting the man.

However, the incident occurred in March, and this month the Sheriff announced a deputy in the confrontation was disciplined. The announcement was in the singular, so it seems the only deputy who was disciplined was the one who kicked the man in the back.

It can’t be vetoed as a one-off anymore. There are clear, systemic inequities in the way too many cops treat black vs. white civilians.


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