Bulletproof Vest in High Demand at Black-Owned Company

Bulletproof vest sales are rising for one black-owned company that says people are seeking heightened protection during these violent times.

A spokesperson for the bulletproof vest business identified as Thyk Skynn made the disclosure to newsmen over the increment in sales of nearly 400 percent over the past few months, and this week — in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting and the ensuing violence — orders are again skyrocketing.

However, the company was founded by a former Atlanta cop who says he started the business for innocent people craving protection.

The vests look different from traditional Kevlar vests and are more fashionable for starters.

The function of the vests are meant to keep its customers from becoming the next victim of a senseless shooting. whether by a cop or a citizen with a sick gun fantasy.

The protests against racism and to promote social justice reached a fever pitch this summer following the murder of George Floyd, and the movement’s been exhilarating after a white Kenosha, WI cop shot Blake in the back 7 times.

Similarly, protests and riots in the days following turned deadly when a 17-year-old white male named Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters and killing 2 and injuring another.

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