In a trending instagram video posted by many Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, a 32 year old dismissed soldier, Yemi Ayeni, was seen beating up a female police officer last weekend around Shibiri area. 

Though the incident happened last weekend, the viral video was release on Instagram today Thursday 13, August. This caused the Nigerian police to sweep into action to investigate the cricumstance that caused the allged abuse.

As reported by Linda Ikeji, the said soldier, Ayeni is well known in the area and have a track record of intimidating resident living in these area with his fake militry power.

The police periminary investigations disclosed that the police officer was beaten by Ayeni for stopping a commercial bus he was commuting in.

According to Vanguard, Ayeni during interrogation, said he was disqualified at entry-level into the military.

This is what Ayeni said:

“I am a dismissed soldier. I was dismissed during training. I had spent four months in the training before I was dismissed ( disqualified ).

This was because anytime someone shouted at me, I would feel somehow. They said I had a medical problem and told me to leave.

I don’t know what came over me on Sunday. I was inside a commercial bus with the driver and conductor, when the policewoman hit the vehicle and that was all.

“I regret my action. I appeal to the Federal Government and the Police to free me. They should temper justice with mercy. I will never try this again. My wife walked out of the marriage six months ago, abandoning our baby“

His matter will be charged to court for assault.

Watch a video of him assaulting the female officer below

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