A Nigeria soldier involved in fight against Boko Haram shot and killed a police Mopol in Maiduguri, the two security officers are part of a team on a special mission in the north east state, a facebook user known as a Kingjagaban EkezEkez writes to the social media to mourn the death of his course mate and friend sgt Tafida Rowland of Mopol 20

Sad mood now,I lost one of my colleagues in maidugiri,a soldier man shot one of my course mate in maidugiri,Sgt tafida Rowland mopol 20 pmf Lagos was shot today with AA rifle base on arguments between him and a soldier man,the army guy shot him with AA rifles,,I fill so sad this evening, Rowland why you are supposed to finish your special duty next weekend,ooh my God am short of words,may your soul rip peace Sgt Tafida Tijani miss you my courses mate,this is the saddest news I have ever received in my life,igp do something this killing is too much igp do something pls, sad mood,God protect us Amen…rip …

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