Three Christian teachers were reportedly killed while they were asleep in their quarters.

The attack which is suspected to have been orchestrated by Islamic group, Al-Shabab in Kenya took place in the most unusual way. According to Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada, one teacher managed to escape and narrated how the ugly incident happened.

It was also disclose that one of the attackers reportedly said that they would not allow ‘infidels’ (Christians) teach their children. They didn’t want the ideology from what they think is the Western because they link Christianity with the West.

As reported, local Somali Muslim teachers were separated from non-locals, who were assumed to be Christians and had been attending a local church. This made it easy to identify where Christian teachers lodged. One additional staff member was injured and a Muslim teacher was abducted. These attackers appeared not to target the female staff.

As part of the raid, the militants also burned a local police port and seriously damaged a telecommunications mast in the town. Following the incident, all non-local teachers have been withdrawn from the area and the school has been closed.

Almost 100 other schools along the border with Somalia are presently operating with just a headmaster and no teacher because of the imminent danger. Since the beginning of December, violence has escalated, particularly against those who are not easily identified as Somali Muslims

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