A woman in Lagos has unmasked how armed robbers got hold of her husband, laid siege to him and collected his Mobile telephone to be communicating with her. Their plan was to use him to penetrate into their house, but the woman’s curiosity saved her.Here she narrated,

“At home yesterday I got a short message service (sms) and it read as follow: “Honey I am coming home”. This was strange to me because my husband doesn’t call me that. He calls me by name. Having received the message, I immediately called him severally, but he wasn’t answering my calls.

“After about five minutes later, I got an SMS again from the same line, it read “don’t bother calling, it’s noisy where I am. It was strange again and at this point, I began to suspect foul play.

“I replied him and asked, where are you? Almost immediately, I got a response, “I will be home in 20 minutes. Many things went through my minds but I knew that all was not well.

“Quickly, I called on some nearby security men to be on the alert. About 20 minutes later, I got an sms, “Honey I am close to the house, Hurry up and open the door”. I waited and in some minutes later there was a knock at the door, I responded “who are you”, but I got no response. Again, I got an sms immediately which says “open the door I am home”.

“I shouted, “Give me a little time to dress up”. I peeped and it was a strange face with the phone. I called the security men who were already on a standby. And immediately, one of them approached the guy at the door and questioned him but his speech was shaky. So he got hold of him and two other security men pounced on the one in the car,

“At last, when the boot of the car was opened, there they found my husband who was almost passing out. Immediately I came out of the house and behold they were robbers who had already gotten information from him. They received serious beating from the security men and were later handed over to the police for further interrogations.

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