Arsenal defender, David Luiz has identified the club’s major problem following their 2-1 defeat to Brighton in the Premier League on Thursday night at the Emirates Stadium.

Accordig to Luiz, the Gunners need to be consistent in their playing and improve on ‘their first attacker and first defender’.

Brighton opened scoring in the first-half through Adam Webster but Alexandre Lacazette equalised for the Gunners in the 50 minutes of the encounter.

Neal Maupay then scored a late goal to give the visitors all three points against Arsenal.

Reporting to Amazon Prime, Luiz added : “Now in modern football, everybody has to understand both moments of the game, when you attack and defend.

First attacker I always say is the goalkeeper, and the first defender is the striker, so we have to understand that we need to improve this immediately because, for a long time, we haven’t had a team where you can see nobody can score against us.”

Luiz added: “We have to be consistent, and at the moment we are not.

“That’s why this change has been made, and now we’re going to take in new oxygen and try to win some games.

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