15-year-old African wonderkid solves 19 math questions in 1 minute, beats students from 193 countries to emerge World Math Champion

A 15-year-old Nigerian math prodigy named Faith Odunsi won the title of World Champion in Mathematics by outlasting rivals from all across the world.

Faith Odunsi of Nigeria outperformed rivals from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and other countries in the World Open Mathematics Tournament.

She was popularly known for solving 19 mathematical questions at a record time of 60 seconds, a feat that marvelled the entire world present at the occasion. “It makes me happy and honoured,” Faith spoke about her win with Punch.

At the Ota State Ambassador School in the southwest of Nigeria, Faith is enrolled in her final class. Before going on to represent Nigeria internationally, she had been named the top math student in Nigeria.

Faith mentioned that some of the competition’s stages were difficult because she was still getting used to the system. The first test, which was computer-based and gave us an hour to finish a large number of questions, was, in her opinion, the most challenging. My exam score was 66.

“The second stage took the same format and I also scored 66. The quarter and semi-finals were on Microsoft themes. We were asked questions and we put in our answers; the first to put in the correct answers got 10 points,” she added.

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