14-year-old Nigerian kid beats 356 contestants to emerge winner of the first igbo spelling bee competition

Oluebeube Ogbonna, a 14-year-old Nigerian, won the first native Igbo spelling bee competition in Anambra state, South-East Nigeria, after besting 356 other competitors.

The language of the Igbo ethnic group is spoken primarily in the eastern part of Nigeria. Among the other important ethnic languages spoken in Nigeria are the Hausa and Yoruba languages.

Oluebeube Ogbonna, a kid at Divine Rays British School in Anambra, Nigeria, won the igbo spelling bee competition after surpassing 356 other secondary school students from public and private schools in the educational zones of Awka, Nnewi, and Onitsha.

Students’ knowledge of spelling, Igbo syllabication, and punctuation were assessed at the event, which City Speller Bee and Onitsha Business School organized.

It was Nigeria’s first spelling bee in an indigenous language, according to the competition’s project manager, Mr. Chinedu Aniagboso, and it was designed to attract young people.

“You can see how excited these students are competing in their own language; they not only understand English, they are also proficient in Igbo,” he said.

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