14-year-old Girl Arrested For Hiring Assasins To Kill Her Mother

A young schoolgirl who is just 14 years old, has been detained in Russia.

The girl is being detained on suspicion of ordering the contract killing of her estate agent single mother.

The mother, named as Anastasia Milosskaya, 38, was beaten and strangled to death when she arrived home.

Two days later her body was wrapped in plastic and a mattress and dumped in a garbage skip in Balashikha in the Moscow region.

Her daughter was arrested with a boy, 15, who had been living at the family’s flat.

The mother had ordered him to leave believing he was a bad influence on her daughter, it is alleged.

Law enforcement suspect that the daughter and boy conspired to order two other teenagers to kill her mother for 350,000 roubles (£3,650).

The underage accused are all between 14 and 17, and are suspected of murder or conspiracy to murder.

They were remanded in a young persons’ detention facility for one month pending further investigations.

The daughter and the boy are accused of allowing their ‘accomplices’ into the flat.

They were present as the suspected contract killers allegedly attacked the woman when she returned home.

The alleged killers then left the body on the flat where the daughter and boy were living.

Two days later they returned and carried out the body on a makeshift stretcher, dumping it in a nearby skip – but a janitor found the corpse the next morning.

The Investigative Committee alleged the girl and her male friend intended to live on her mother’s savings of more than £30,000.

‘She was beaten and strangled, as her whole face was red and swollen,’ said an eyewitness.

A friend of the 14-year-old girl also also said: ‘She spoke about hating her mother many times, even though her mother was a good person who loved her.’

The girl’s grandmother said her granddaughter had come under the influence of the boy who was from a ‘difficult family’.

Other sources said the victim had sought to improve her life and always cared for her daughter.

The maximum sentence the suspects face is ten years initially in a youth correctional colony.

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