11-year-old boy graduates from university as a Physicist, completes a three-year course in one year

Laurent Simons, an incredible 11-year-old prodigy, completed the three-year curriculum at the University of Antwerp in Belgium in a record-breaking one year, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Physics.

Born in the harbor city of Ostend in Belgium, Laurent Simons studied for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the same time. The young genius has been setting records since a young age.

His parent first refused to accept. “They detected something incredibly remarkable in Laurent,” Lydia, Laurent’s mother, said. Laurent was enrolled in a series of tests to determine the best path for his academic career.

He was able to complete his schoolwork even more swiftly thanks to his exam results than the university’s college-age students.

Commenting about his exceptional accomplishment, Laurent stated that he was simply concerned with learning and did not care if he was the youngest person to accomplish the feat. “I actually don’t mind that I’m the youngest. For me, learning is everything,” Simons told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

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